Window Replacement Lowers Energy Costs and Increases Home Value

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Many people consider replacing windows that are old and falling apart. However, there are many other reasons to think about installing new windows, including energy efficiency. Window replacement in Wilmington, NC, is closely tied to the constant fluctuation in weather patterns, since the result is the wild swing in energy costs from month to month. New energy-efficient windows lead to welcome cost savings and a much more comfortable home environment.

As a rule of thumb, windows should be replaced after ten years in order to realize a savings in energy costs. If you own a relatively new home, you might think that your windows were energy-efficient when installed. The fact is that some builders take shortcuts; they use low-quality materials in order to trim costs, and homeowners pay the price in energy costs that continue to rise.

Window replacement in Wilmington, NC, might also be an excellent idea if you want to improve the value of your home. When you make the decision to sell, your home needs to be as ship-shape as possible in order to attract potential buyers. One of the best ways to give your home a facelift is to replace outdated vinyl, wood or aluminum windows.

Speaking of vinyl, this is becoming one of the most popular materials for new windows. In the first place, it is energy efficient. Vinyl is also inexpensive, easy to install, and you will find it to be a low-maintenance product; there is no need to strip, paint or stain windows made of vinyl. Homeowners love this product because of its resistance to rot, moisture and the ravages of severe weather. It is durable, long-lasting, and available in many styles and colors.

Your preference might run to wood or aluminum, though, and your professional installation company will be happy to discuss all the options with you. Once you weigh all the pros and cons, you will likely become the happy recipient of window replacement in Wilmington, NC.

3 Clear Reasons to Replace the Windows in Your Home

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Wilmington Contractor

The condition of your home’s windows is something to consider in order to maintain reasonable heating and cooling costs, satisfying property values, and beauty in your home. If your windows are showing signs of disrepair or you just want to do something to make your home more lovely, it’s time to get window replacements in Jacksonville, NC. Here are three reasons that new windows are a good idea.

1. Energy Efficiency

Older windows or windows that are not properly sealed can leak air and lead to rising air conditioning or heating costs. New, energy efficient windows have multiple layers of protection against heat loss. The treated glass in new windows keep hot sun rays from fighting the A/C inside in the summer, and the tight seals keep the heat from escaping your home during the winter. If maintaining steady temperatures to control heating and cooling costs is appealing to you, you should get window replacements in Jacksonville, NC.

2. Sound Control

Just as old windows are ineffective at keeping your home at a consistent temperature, they are also notorious for letting in ambient noise from the outside. If you live where there is heavy traffic or in a spot with howling winds, you will really benefit from taking the time to hire professional installations contractor ( to replace your windows. The right windows, properly installed, can keep outside noises outside so you can focus on your family and friends within the home.

3. Beautiful Views

When you decide to get a window replacement in Jacksonville, NC, you can upgrade to a much more aesthetically pleasing window. The windows on a house can impact the look of a home. If they are beautifully framed and artfully chosen, you can make the windows part of your home décor instead of merely a piece of glass in the wall.

Call your local contractor to get beautiful, energy and sound efficient windows installed in your home.

The Ins and Outs of Window Replacement

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Windows have a huge impact on the appearance and energy costs of our homes, and every once in a while, it is necessary to replace them. There are many different types of windows, each with its own distinct characteristics that can benefit your home. However for many homeowners, window replacement may seem like a complicated and expensive process that can be put off. This is untrue, and there are many high-quality companies that can help you replace your old or outdated windows in a fairly brief period of time. If you have ever considered window instillation in Wilmington NC, the following information can help you make the right choice.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

There are a multitude of reasons that a homeowner may need to replace a window. Some of these reasons are purely for aesthetic purposes, while others stem from necessity. Here are the most common issues that can lead to window replacement:

  • Old age.
  • Moisture and air are seeping into the home.
  • High energy bills.
  • Cold air drafts in through your windows.
  • Outdated windows decrease the beauty of your home’s façade.

Energy Efficiency

Homes that are 10 years in age or older should consider window instillation in Wilmington NC ( in order to reduce energy costs and improve comfort. Newer windows trap warm air in during the winter more efficiently than older, more poorly constructed windows. Even if your home was recently constructed, your windows may be manufactured from lower-quality materials.

If cold air is seeping through your windows, you may be at risk of encountering outrageously higher heating and cooling bills. By installing newer, more energy efficient windows, you can save money, and heat your home more effectively at the same time. There is no need to worry about drafts and moisture after you undergo window installation in Wilmington NC.

Work With a Trusted Company

New window can give your home a new lease on life. Many homeowners are simply pleased to enjoy the noticeable energy savings every month. If you are considering installing new windows, a professional company can help you start the process.

3 Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

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If you are looking for ways to spruce up the main bathroom or guest bathroom in your home, you don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to do it. Instead, use these tips to help you with budget-friendly bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, NC.

Base Your Remodel on One Focal Point

Maybe your counters aren’t bad, but the tub looks like something from the ’80s. Perhaps the shower is relatively new, but your sink or toilet is that strange green shade that used to be considered modern. If most aspects of your bathroom look fine, focus on the one that needs the most work and put most of your funds into making it the modern focal point of the room.

Look at the Small Things

Even if you can’t afford a full gutting for your bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, NC, you can still call in a professional to help with the small stuff. Ask a company to re-caulk around the tub, toilet and sink. Ask them to professionally clean the grout between floor tiles. Install some modern cabinet hardware, a few new faucets and maybe a shiny new towel rack. The little things often add up to a beautiful new bathroom for a much more affordable price.

Go Green

If you know where to put your money, your budget-friendly bathroom remodel could save you money even years down the line. Look for low-flow toilets and sinks to help you help the environment and your wallet by conserving water. Choose environmentally friendly showerheads to save even more. Finally, repurposing old materials not only helps your wallet in the short term, it also keeps things out of landfills.

Don’t skip bathroom remodeling in Jacksonville, NC simply because you don’t have an extravagant budget. With a little planning and a lot of creativity, you can still have the room you dream of!

What You Should Change During Your Kitchen Remodel

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Raleigh Remodeled Kitchen

The kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends of all ages, all across the world. Therefore, it is necessary for your kitchen to reflect you and your personality and style. Remodeling your kitchen involves several decisions that could affect the overall atmosphere of this important room. Here are a few tips on keeping your kitchen up-to-date and comfy while you search for kitchen remodeling near Jacksonville, NC.


Backsplashes are a great way to add by style and functionality to your kitchen space. Tile mosaics, stone or other popular materials can protect your walls from grease splashes and stains while adding a warm atmosphere to the surroundings. This is an addition which is ever-growing in popularity. Most remodeling companies will have a nearly endless list of options for clients seeking a backsplash.


Countertops can make or break any kitchen. Therefore, having the right ones are imperative. There are durable and beautiful options such as the ever-popular granite, quartz or even cheaper products for those who are looking to remodel on a budget such as laminate. Assessing your countertop-related needs before undergoing kitchen remodeling near Jacksonville, NC is imperative, and seeking the advice of professionals is a must.


Cabinets are another important aspect of any kitchen. They impact the overall tone of a room, and set the mood for any activities which happen in the space. Cabinetry should be functional as well as stylish, and made of materials which promise to withstand the test of time they are sure to undergo over the years. Each remodeling company’s options regarding cabinets may vary, so seeking their advice is a crucial step in this process.

Remodeling your kitchen can make your home feel almost like new. Making decisions when looking for kitchen remodeling near Jacksonville, NC can be a bit daunting, but knowing where to focus your attention first is important. Remembering these tips can help anyone make the remodeling process a fun and easy experience.

4 Reasons to Call a Professional Power Washer

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Power washing your home’s siding, deck, patio or other outdoor structures leaves your property looking cleaner and newer. It might be tempting to rent a power washer and do the work yourself, but it’s actually a better idea to call a professional when you need power washing in Wilmington, NC.

They Have Better Equipment

An expert power washing company will have access to professional-grade equipment that you probably wouldn’t be able to get your hands on yourself. This means a deeper clean that looks better and lasts longer.

You Will Avoid Damaging Your Home

Power washing isn’t as simple as turning on the machine and aiming it at the side of your house. The force of the water can damage windows or siding if not used properly. A professional understands how much force is too much for every part of your home, ensuring you don’t find yourself calling the glass or siding company.

It Is Safer For You

In addition to being safer for your home, hiring a professional to do your power washing in Wilmington, NC is safer for you, too. Most people aren’t prepared for the amount of strength it takes to effectively operate a power washer. If you’ve never used one before, you run the risk of pulling a muscle or causing even worse bodily harm.

It Gives You More Free Time

Honestly, who wants to spend a Saturday afternoon washing your house when you can enjoy it with family or friends? Because a professional has likely washed hundreds of buildings, he or she will know exactly what to do to get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with more of your day free.

Power washing leaves your home cleaner, safer and with a higher property value. Keep these reasons in mind when deciding if you should hire a professional for power washing in Wilmington, NC (

Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

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Wilmington Kitchen Remodeling

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Having a functional and inviting kitchen is so important that it’s usually the first thing new homeowners choose to remodel. Make sure your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t fall victim to one of these big mistakes.

Designing It Yourself

You might know exactly what you want your kitchen to look like, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to design one. A professional who has experience in kitchen design can help you identify things you might otherwise overlook.

Ignoring the Triangle

The kitchen triangle refers to the location of the three places you will always be walking between: the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. An extra couple of feet may not seem like much, but over time, it can really add up. Ignore the triangle at your peril.

Form Over Function

You may swoon over quartz countertops and know exactly what grout color is going in between your subway tile, but do you have enough counter space? Storage? Outlets? Having a functional kitchen will make a bigger difference in your day-to-day life than having the perfect color of grout.

Ignoring Trends

Okay, there are some trends you might want to ignore, like high gloss candy-apple-red cabinets. But pay attention to how today’s lifestyles are different than even ten years ago. Think about how technology plays its role in your life. Do you use a tablet, your phone, or a computer for recipes? Do you need a dedicated recycling center? Does your family usually eat, crowded around the kitchen island or crowded around the TV? The way you live is an important factor in your kitchen remodel.

The best way to avoid these traps and others is to consult a design and remodeling expert. Take the time to thoughtfully design your kitchen, and you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

3 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Sidestep

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Bathroom Remodel Wilmingotn

The bathroom is one of the most common projects when it comes to a home remodel. After all, your bathroom is where you get ready for the day ahead and is usually one of the last rooms you use before going to bed. When turning your bathroom into an oasis, be sure you avoid these three common mistakes for bathroom remodeling in Wilmington, NC.

1. Not Having a View Out

There’s nothing like having warm, natural lighting in your bathroom instead of harsh electric lighting. If at all possible, choose a room with a view out for your new bathroom. If you can’t, consider installing a skylight for soothing lighting and fresh air. Not only is a window or skylight good for light, they make for great ventilation as well.

2. Placing the Bathroom Off of a Public Room

Think carefully about the rooms near your bathroom. If you can, avoid positioning the bathroom in the view of a one of the more public rooms of your home, such as the living room, dining room or kitchen. While it might be convenient, it doesn’t make for very good viewing when you or a guest is in one of those public rooms. Just like with real estate, bathroom remodeling in Wilmington, NC, is all about location.

3. Putting the Toilet Front and Center

What’s the first thing you want to see when you step into a bathroom? The sink, the bathtub or the toilet? Not only is putting the toilet and shower in a separate room good for overall aesthetics, it’s also useful if you need to get ready at the sink and someone else needs to take a shower.

While you’re deciding on designs for bathroom remodeling in Wilmington, NC, be sure you keep an eye out for these blunders. Having the perfect bathroom is all about planning and forethought, not the latest trends.

Project Spotlight-Painting a Custom Home near Wilmington NC

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This project was completed last month by our painting crews near Wilmington NC. We were hired to do the interior and exterior painting for a builder in the River Landing community, outside of Wallace NC. Finishes are interior Oil Enamel for the trim, cabinetry and doors. Low luster interior wall paint and semi gloss exterior paint. Our paint crews did a fine job, when doing the right amount of prep work it shows in the quality of finishes like pictured in this gallery below.

Proper prep work is required for a good paint job. When you hire you next painting contractor, keep that in mind.  Applying the paint is usually less than half of our time spent on painting projects, almost 2/3 of the hours invested into residential paint jobs are spent priming, caulking, filling nail holes, sanding, and doing point ups. This is necessary for a quality paint job that will last for decades, and something that you need to make sure your painters will spend the time to do correctly. By skipping steps in the painting process, the contractor can save a lot of money on labor, thus when you are getting bids be sure that you are comparing the same scope of work. We often are asked by clients why prices are so different among contractors. In most cases, once the details of the bids are reviewed, the difference is in the prep work that is being proposed.

This home is really beautiful and the owners are very happy with the finishes applied by JHC.  Contact us today and lets talk about your painting project.


Exterior Deck Restoration in Hampstead NC

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Summer is quickly approaching. Is your home ready for entertaining guests?  Restaining or repainting your deck is a great way to get your home in shape for the season. Exterior coatings applied by a professional painting contractor will last for years, while you can relax and enjoy your freshly painted home.

Most of us spend hours upon hours on our decks this time of the year, enjoying family and friends while grilling out. Why not impress the neighbors by adding life back to your existing wooden deck? Johnson Home Construction can help your deck become the focal point of your home and the perfect place to relax on a lazy Summer day. Painting or staining your deck will not only give it a fresh appearance, but it will also protect the wood for years to come. By simply applying a protective coating every few years, you can maintain the beauty at a low cost. Get your deck in shape for Summer. Call Johnson Home Construction today and let us help you bring beauty back to your deck.


For professional results every time, hire the premiere Wilmington house painting company today! Call 910-282-8307 or click to get started with a free consultation.



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