Interior painting with Ben Moore WB Impervo

All enamel paints aren’t created equal, and as a painting contractor I have used my fair share of pretty much everything available in Wilmington NC to buy. For many years the platinum standard for interior enamel was the original oil based satin impervo for good reason. It applied very easily, was tough as nails, and leveled to show very few brush strokes. Problem is it was solvent based, which brings in a whole lot of safety and environmental issues. There was is also a very strong odor that oil based paints leave as they cure, and can linger for an extended time. Most homeowners do not like stinky paint, and in fact it is one of the biggest complaints I have received over the years. Indoor air quality has to be on ever contractors mind today as the public is becoming more aware of the environmental dangers of construction. Lastly the biggest drawback in my eyes is yellowing, and something that can’t be overcome no matter the quality of the paint.

Since shortly after it was released I have been using Benjamin Moore waterborne Satin Impervo. This is a 100% acrylic enamel that is a fast drying, low odor interior paint. There are many applications where it makes an excellent choice including doors, trim, cabinets, and even walls in certain spaces. This paint is very easy to apply with one caveat; it is very thin compared to many other interior trim paints. This can cause runs and sags, and an inexperienced applicator will see a lot of dropped paint. So make sure you are protecting areas below your work surface, and double checking to ensure there are no runs ever so often.

Many new construction projects in today’s homes you will see factory primed mdf trim. The quality of the primer there can range from acceptable to absolutely poor. When you are dealing with a poor primer many contractors choose to simply re-prime with their favorite acrylic primer, but this is costly both in materials and labor. I have found Ben Moore WB impervo to be one of the best paints for enamel holdout over this poor primer, and it does a better job of sealing the trim and building a nice film in less coats.  This paint is also low blocking, which means you can apply it to windows without fear of sticking. That also leads to one of my favorite things about WB impervo, the fact that it will sand without gumming, and even powders fairly well for an acrylic.

No matter the application method WB impervo does really well, and it can easily be sprayed through an hvlp or an airless. The satin sheen is comparable to most other brands semi gloss, and as usually with a Ben Moore product you can be confident in the finish quality. This ultimately is what really matters; the satisfaction of our clients with our finishes is paramount at JHC.

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