Wilmington Interior Trim Painting with SW Pro Classic Latex

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Last week we began an interior repaint in Wilmington, NC. We decided to use Sherwin William Pro Classic acrylic latex enamel, a high quality, very durable trim paint with excellent leveling properties. To achieve the best results, and finish quality the best application method is spraying. I used an airless sprayer, and a graco 211 FF tip. When spraying there are several things you must do to prepare the substrate for the best results. This was a repaint, and the existing finish while worn and dirty was in pretty good shape.

So areas where grease was present we used a simple household degreaser like 409 to remove any surface contaminates that would prevent  proper paint adhesion. We then sanded lightly with 180 grit sandpaper, and wiped the dust clean with a tack cloth. Any cracks were caulked using high quality Benjamin Moore Moorlastic 40 Year Siliconized Caulk. Pretty easy prep, and all that was needed to ensure a flawless finish. Normally we would mask the windows off, and cover all flooring with protective drop cloths. However in this home, both were being replaced so we didn’t bother with over spray getting on them.

When spraying trim especially with Pro Classic you need to ensure your sprayer is set to the proper pressure. To little, and there will be tails in the spray pattern, to much pressure and you will have more over spray. Sherwin Williams suggests 2000 psi, I found the sweet spot to be about 1800 psi for the tip I was using. Spraying relatively flat trim and crown is pretty straight forward, however dental molding is a bit more challenging. You have to make several passes at different angles. Left to right, and right to left is the best method I have found to prevent sags and runs.

As you can see in the video of the finished room the results were outstanding. I was happy and so were my clients. One click can contact Johnson Home Construction today to schedule your painting or home improvement project.

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