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Cabinet Painting And Refinishing
Can Work Miracles…

For A Stellar Paint Or Refinish Job, Call Wilmington’s Cabinet Experts.

Cabinetry Painting Services

Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets face everything from cooking grease to toothpaste to soiled little hands. And although cabinet replacement might be inevitable, you can buy some time by having them professionally painted and/or refinished.

Cabinetry Painting Services

Johnson Home Construction offers a variety of creative ways to spice up your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinetry in Wilmington and Jacksonville NC. A simple change or two, such as painting and/or refinishing your cabinets, will give your room a fresh new appearance and feel for less than the cost of replacing them. Refacing cabinets, a process of veneering existing cabinet boxes and replacing doors and drawer fronts, is another option.

Cabinetry Painting Services

It’s important to understand, however, that poor cabinet design or hidden structural flaws may not allow for painting and/or refinishing alone. Some less expensive cabinetry can grow especially frail with age. Often times, thin sides and backs are veneered with vinyl paper, and can peel or delaminate. Also, undersize particle-board cabinet bottoms or shelves may sag or break. In these cases, you could still replace doors & drawers, but the vast structural issues render these types of cabinets a bad idea for refinishing and/or painting. You would be better off replacing them.

Cabinetry Painting Services

However, if damage seems limited to worn surfaces, nicks and dings—painting can work miracles… especially when coupled with new cabinet hardware.

JHC is an experienced cabinet painter and refinisher in the Wilmington area. We can help you create the kitchen or bath that you have always wanted. We understand that these are the two most important rooms in your home, and we take pride in doing the job as quickly, painlessly and beautiful as possible.

For more information about your Wilmington Cabinet Painting Experts, please call Johnson Home Construction at: 910-282-8307, or complete our online request form.

Cabinetry Painting Services Cabinetry Painting Services Cabinetry Painting Services Cabinetry Painting