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Commercial Contractor Service Contractor

The economy is finally coming back to life in the Wilmington area and businesses are ready to get started enhancing the appeal of their business structures, and perhaps even new building construction.

When it comes to your business, you need a qualified commercial construction contractor near Wilmington and Jacksonville with years of experience attending to your needs. Johnson Home Construction has over 7 years of experience giving clients exactly what they need: high-quality construction services at competitive prices.

Bottom line: office, retail and medical space remodeling/construction projects can be a huge headache if you don’t choose the right contractor. And the lowest bid may not be the best value. In order to help you be ‘worry free’ with your commercial project, we suggest you:

  1. Find a Reputable Contractor with the Right Credentials – A commercial contractor in should be knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and easy to communicate with. You can verify this, for the most part, by simply screening each candidate. We suggest you call at least 3 or 4 references from previous clients. Ask for a copy of their license and check if they have been involved in any lawsuits. Request a copy of their insurance to make sure it is adequate.
  2. Interview the Contractors – This means basically asking how the project will be supervised. Will there be a full-time Superintendent on site? How will the contractor communicate your project’s status… for example, phone calls, weekly emails or face-to-face meetings? Also, be sure to ask about permits and their time frames as the time it takes to obtain permits from governmental bodies can vastly fluctuate.
  3. Don’t Be Fooled by Low-Ball Pricing – Although it is true that some commercial construction companies in Wilmington have remained competitive by reducing their profits, many others have lowered their prices by using substandard materials, or worse, knowingly omitting requirements only to ‘hike’ it up later with change orders. So, beware when it comes to low, low pricing as you don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Commercial Contractor Service Contractor Commercial Contractor Service Contractor

JHC is happy to provide you with any and all information you need to make the right decision. Whether you’re remodeling your business, adding on, or building new, JHC is the Wilmington-area construction contractor you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

We provide the:

  • Experience
  • Dependability
  • Extensive Portfolio
  • Client-Oriented Service &
  • Client Recommendations…

…you need to make an informed decision, and have a successful, stress-free commercial remodel in Hampstead or Wilmington, NC.

If you’re looking for Wilmington’s Commercial Construction Experts, please call JHC today at: 910-282-8307, or complete our online request form.

Commercial Contractor Service Contractor