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We Provide Amazing Interior & Exterior Painting For Wilmington & Hampstead Businesses.

Commercial Painting Service Contractor

Both the interior and exterior of your office/commercial building is a reflection of you. It’s like your business suit… an image you project to the world. And a professional paint job, like the one Johnson Home Construction offers, will not only improve the overall aesthetics of your building by giving it a ‘fresh’ look and covering up imperfections, but it can also increase your bottom line. This is why JHC recommends that you get your commercial building painted by a professional.

Commercial Painting Service Contractor

Obviously, you want to present yourself in the most professional manner possible to attract new customers. This same thought process applies to your commercial building in Wilmington or Jacksonville, NC. After all, depressing and dreary walls, whether inside or out, are not very attractive to potential customers.

Here’s something you might not know: not only can a coat of paint add a touch of professionalism to your business, it can also increase employee productivity. “The Impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees” was an essay written by Mary Jo Bitner. It contemplates how our environment influences our cognitive, emotional and physiological behavior in the workplace.

Basically, this essay illustrates how no one wants to work in a place that is run down, faded and depressing. When employees feel comfortable and have pride about where they work, they tend to be more efficient and miss less work overall.

Commercial Painting Service Contractor

Remember, the painting scheme of your Wilmington or Hampstead commercial building is also a great way to create the mood, or overall vibe of your business impacting how potential customers see you. And although white walls continue to represent professionalism, opting to have your company colors, or using bold, contrasting colors to signify your company’s innovative attitude, has become an option for many businesses today, as well.

The professional painting experts at JHC have the experience and know-how to give you advice on what works, what doesn’t, and what may be the right “tone” for your office/commercial painting project in Jacksonville or Wilmington. And because of our wealth of knowledge and experience, we produce the highest-quality and most consistent results without unnecessarily interrupting your work environment.

So—if you’re looking to re-vitalize your business, give the experts at Johnson Home Construction a call. We can help you make your business a great environment for customers and employees alike.

For more information about your Wilmington Commercial Painting Experts, please call Johnson Home Construction at: 910-282-8307, or complete our online request form.

Commercial Painting Service Contractor