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Window Replacement Services

There are many reasons people choose to replace their home’s windows:

  • They’re old and falling apart.
  • Air and moisture is infiltrating your home.
  • You’re tired of cleaning and painting your windows.
  • You’re paying high heating and air conditioning bills.
  • To improve the overall appearance and value of your home.
  • Cold drafts or heat coming from in and around your windows.
  • Your outdated wood, vinyl, or aluminum windows have long lost their luster and are taking away from the value of your home.

Windows 10 years old or more should be replaced not only to improve comfort levels, but to maximize energy savings, as well. And remember, new construction is never a guarantee that your windows are energy-efficient. Unfortunately, most builders use low grade materials to lower costs, which results in poor quality and poor efficiency.

And if you’re a homeowner in the Wilmington area, you know how the North Carolina weather fluctuates… as well as your energy bills. And the best way to guard against these high and ever rising energy costs is to have energy-efficient windows installed in your home.

Window Replacement Services

And if you’re worried about the costs related to window replacement in Wilmington, Jacksonville or Topsail Island; labor, materials, and whether you’ll get a return of investment, check this out from Angie’s List:

“…many published surveys have found that window repair and replacement has about a 90% return of investment. This ROI is attributed to the increased value of your home as well as the amount you get to save on energy costs.”

Johnson Home Construction offers many types of replacement windows for Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Topsail Island homeowners who want to lower their energy bills. With a variety of insulation levels from the cold and heat, it's clear that the majority of energy loss is through the windows in your home.

When you discuss your options with our professional Johnson Home Construction window installation experts, we’ll go over ways to help control your energy costs. PVC windows, vinyl windows, and dual pane technology are just a few ideas that will be discussed.

Vinyl Windows—The Preferred Energy-Efficient Choice

Window Replacement Services

Vinyl window installation in Wilmington, Jacksonville, and the rest of North Carolina is growing in popularity. Why? Because they offer a number of benefits over windows made of other materials:

  • Cost Effective: inexpensive and quicker installation
  • Energy-Efficient: fights indoor/outdoor climate exchange
  • Ease of Maintenance: no need for stripping, painting or staining
  • Long Lasting & Durable: resistant to moisture, rot & severe weather
  • Highly Customizable: available in a variety of designs, styles & colors

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